1 Kumi sings well.
2 My aunt lives in this town.
3 There is a cat under the table.
4 I am a student.
5 Ken looks happy.
6 My brother became a teacher.
He became a teacher.
It got dark.
7 Tom plays soccer very well.
8 I want a new bicycle.
9 I invited him to the party.
Tom plays soccer.
I like swimming.
I like to swim
I think that he is busy.
I want a new bicycle.
I know who he is.

(1) Ken and Taro helped me.
(2) I am a high school student.
(3) Did you get my letter?
(4) Yuki runs in the park every morning.
(5) She looked sad yesterday.
(6) It rained a lot last month.
(1) Today is my birthday.
(2) They got very angry.
(3) My mother is reading a book in her room.
(4) The boy stopped crying.
(5) Please keep quiet in the room
(6) I feel happy today.
Mr. Tanaka teaches English.
Mr. Tanaka an English teacher.
Tom is a good speaker of Japanese.
He runs very fast.

10 I showed him the pictures.
11 My father gave me a book.
12 I'll send Tom a birthday present.
13 Mr. Yamada teaches us English.
14 I bought my mother some flowers.
I showed him the pictures.
Mr. Yamada teaches English to us.
I bought some flowers for my mother.
15 We call the cat Tama.
16 They named their baby Masao.
17 The news made us happy.
18 Please keep the room warm.
19 I found the book interesting.
20 I think him a kind man.
We call the cat Tama.
I saw him running.
I heard him laugh.
The news made us happy.
I found it interesting.

Please tell me your address.
They named the dog Taro.
He made his son a doctor.
Did you send him a letter?
The woman made us good cakes.
(1) My uncle gave Mary some CDs.
My uncle gave some CDs
(2) Mr. Kato showed us his album.
Mr. Kato showed his album
(3) I'll buy her a birthday present.
—I'll buy a birthday present
(4) Will you lend me your dictionary?
Will you lend your dictionary?
(1) My mother teaches them Japanese.
(2) My aunt brought me some flowers.
(3) She told us an interesting story.
(4) He asked me a difficult question.

Mr. Green will show some pictures to you.
School begins at eight thirty.
The book on the desk is mine
Please call me Bob.
May I ask you a question?
We enjoyed playing soccer after school.
(1) We watched the game on TV last night.
(2) My brother became a doctor two years ago.
(3) Can you tell me the way to the station?
(4) I found the weather very cold in Hokkaido.
(1) My mother will get soon .
(4) Some of the
(1) I sent my uncle a birthday card.
(2) The building on the hill is our school.
(3) Kumi named her cat Chiko.
(4) We cleaned the garden before breakfast.
(5) A lot of children were swimming in the river
We all think her a very good cook.
One of the girls will sing for us.
Did he leave you anything to eat?
I think that he will reach Kyoto by noon.
The man's voice sounded strange to us.

Taro plays tennis well.
Our school has two science rooms in our school.
Who bought him a new bicycle?
Who bought a new bicycle
(1) She made me a hat.
(2) The music always makes us very happy.
(3) She read us the man's letter.
(4) You must keep your room clean.

You always make me happy.
(1) (Subject)
To play with fire is dangerous.
Playing baseball
That she is from Paris is true.
I can't find my glasses.
The sun is shining.
I have lost my pen.
I looked for my wallet.
I turned on the radio.
I couldn't catch up with him.

1 Last week I went to Osaka by plane.
2 These books are too difficult for me.
3 I know Mrs. Brown very well.
1 Last week I went to Osaka by plane.
There is a book.
2 These books are too difficult for me.
His father is a famous singer.
He became a pianist.
My dream is to become an astronaut.
Seeing is believing.
The trouble is that we don't have enough money.
The problem is where we should
The knowledge of grammar is of great use.
I know Mrs. Brown very well.
I like to swim.
I like singing,
I know that she can't come.
I know who he is.

4 My father bought me a racket.
5 I found the room empty.
4 My father bought me a racket.
4 My father bough a racket for me.
May I ask you a favor?
I told John that I had to
He asked me where I lived.
5 I found the room empty. [The room was empty.
We must make the world a better place. (The world is a better
Ken told us an interesting story.
Ken told an interesting story
(1) We elected him chairperson.
(2) I think Ken honest.
This red dress is not
This is a present for you.
I have nothing to do.
The man I met yesterday is a famous artist.
Most of the students were late for school this morning.
(1) I watched sumo on TV yesterday.
(2) Yesterday's English class was exciting.
(3) The restaurant near the park is very nice.
(4) A lot of homework to do made me unhappy.
(5) The girl talking with Ms. Green is my sister.
(6) Getting up early every morning is not easy for me.
(7) The boy I met in front of the station was your brother.
(8) Lisa and I have been good friends more than ten years.
(1) My aunt lives in this town.
(2) Last month I went to Kyoto.
(3) The dog waited for his sister at Shibuya Station.
(4) Don't speak
(5) My brother is studying very hard to the examination.
The dog was hungry.
The dog found some fried chicken.
The dog looked happy.
I called the dog.

He wrote me a long letter.
He wrote a long letter some beautiful pictures.
Taro showed them beautiful pictures
Taro showed some beautiful pictures
My uncle bought me a DVD recorder.
My uncle bought a DVD recorder
Judy made me a birthday cake.
Judy made a birthday cake
May I ask you a favor?
May I ask a favor.
(1) This movie made him a star.
I gave the dog some milk.
(3) She showed me an old book.
(4) We painted the wall white.
I believe Richard innocent.
(6) The student asked his teacher many questions.
(1) I run in the park every morning.
(2) Before the war, he was rich.
(3) I didn't know him very well.
(4) My grandmother bought me a pretty doll.
(5) I think him unkind.
Pass me the salt, please,
We didn't go to school yesterday.
I found the room empty.
She became an actress.
(1) (D He looked at me sadly.
(D He looked sad to me.
(2) (I) I found the book easily.
@ I found the book easy.
(3) She turned red.
She turned the handle of the door.
(4) She made me a cake.
c She made me happy.

He left for New York yesterday.
You were not interested in the game.
Yes, he does. / No, he does not.
Does he know the truth?
She bought me a hat
What did she buy for you?
(7) You are not a student.
He does not like tennis.
He is not studying. / I have not finished the paper.
Are you a student? Yes, I am. / No, I am not.
Will she come tomorrow? Yes, she will. / No, she will not.
Where are you from? I'm from Japan.
Is he a singer or an actor? He is an actor.
Aren't you busy? [Are you not busy?] Yes, I am. / No, I'm not. It's a little hot, isn't it?
Lisa doesn't know him, does she?